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Postby chaindler » Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:20 am

Hello there

1) In order to have more ballanced, less random like missions on 40k ETC 2017, I would like to suggest following model for mission structure:

Primary: Eternal War mission (as per RB, or: relic 8VPs or 4VPs, 2 home flags - 4VP(home), 8VP (enemy))

Secondary: Maestrom of War, maximum difference +8VP (this is to reduce bullshit RNG in missions like deadlock etc.)

Tertiary: VPs for "Point Value Difference". Each player will calculate the value of killed enemy units - in value points. The player who scores more
 points will gain VPs based on the difference between killed and lost value points and this table:

1 100-200
2 201-400
3 401-600
4 601-800
5 801-1000
6 1001-1200
7 1201-1400
8 1401-1600
9 1601-1800
10 1801-1980

Value points are simply the cost of the unit as stated in the roster. If a unit is under 25% of starting number of wounds, its worth 1/2 of its value points. 10pts is maximum. Yes it is the same mechanism they use in T9A.

According to our extensive play testing. It is absolutely necessary to implement some sort of "kill points" mechanic in to the matched games, because otherwise the game is in 90% resolved on pure luck on the cards AND/OR who goes first/second. Counting pure kill points then favors either MSU spam or some sort of few drops concepts. The point value differnce does not care about number of units, and as in 8th every model can shoot independendly, is actually quite fair for all armies.

2) I would like to propose so called "Gentleman's 40k Mod" for the FAQ:

- Line of Sight and range for VEHICLES are checked/measured from the end point of used weapon. Hull mountet weapons have 180 degs arc of fire (dividing axis line goes through the center of the vehicle). This is to prevent situations like Vindicator shooting in the back etc. AIRBORNE units will have exception to this rule, as we can assume they will always be able to position themselves for the strike on the target.

- Line of Sight for other models is checked from thier head. If it does not have head, from any point on their torso.

- Any model is visible to the shooter, if either head, torso, legs or hands, or any part of the hull or turret is visible - not counting accessories and decorative items (like non-vehicle wings, lights, antennas, poles, flags, sails, horns, skulls, dozer blades, pin points, lashes, ropes etc.)

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