A challenge issued and accepted for ETC Salamanca

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A challenge issued and accepted for ETC Salamanca

Postby PreferredMerc » Wed May 03, 2017 6:49 am

So Team Northern Ireland and Team Netherlands have been chatting.
Team Northern Ireland wrote:Hey guys , we haven't played Netherlands since Poland and we know you lads are great craic so how about a round 1 challenge for Salamanca?"

The Netherlands team had a think about and came back with
Team Netherlands wrote:Dear Nation of Northern Ireland.
No quartar shall be given, your nation of conniving whisky brewing alcoholic leprechauns have challanged the dutch lion for mortal combat on the plains of Salamanca.
Spend whatever time you all have left in this world wisely, do drown yourselved in whisky or whatever brewed contraptions your team preferes as you all may well need to face your fates in Salamance with some dignity and courage.
Thus that later you will be rembered as a nation that with some courage faced its fate as they got rippered apart and were left shredded and mutilated on the spanish soil!
On behalve of the Dutch I stand tall as we all roar across this narrow sea that separates us: CHALLANGE ACCEPTED!!!

TNI are normally quiet :wink: passive :lol: sober [-X lads so they came back with this
Team Norn Iron wrote:To the colonial scum of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands (oh hang on you lost Belgium), sorry then, to the maintenance people left behind in the lesser Kingdom of Holland (you do maintiendrai, yes?) we want you to know the Northern Irish are coming. There will be no hiding in windmills or cupboards this time and no amount of sticking your fingers in holes will save you. Seems you keep losing your best fighters (one of them visited us a while back and must have been very disappointed with the craic at home coz he stayed) and I guess the rest went to Belgium so this shouldn’t take long. You misunderstand the use of Whiskey (the real stuff and not whatever you were spelling/spilling). We like a good brawl but as you wouldn’t be able for it we take whiskey to slow our reactions down the level of low lifers so we can be at least entertained (or is it low landers, you like ‘lander’ at the end of these descriptive words). Right so to be clear, we are coming for you Dutchlanders in Spain, you will be the guys in the little red outfits with black faces, lipstick and earrings right?

On yer bikes!


PS we will bring you some proper shoes to replace those little wooden ones you all wear
PPS at least Norn Iron made the Euros last summer....did you enjoy the time off?
PPPS We'd send you a bottle of whiskey but we drank it.

The game is on :twisted:
Norn Iron through and true!

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Re: A challenge issued and accepted for ETC Salamanca

Postby pizzaguardian » Wed Jun 07, 2017 9:19 pm

Another challenge issued and accepted between Turkey and Croatia. Who challenged who is lost in the sands of time, but the point remains.

The Hırvats and Turks will go to WAR!
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Re: A challenge issued and accepted for ETC Salamanca

Postby Djuro » Wed Jun 07, 2017 11:06 pm

Croatian team accepts ur chalenge.
Last time turkish empire visited our country u gave us chevapi and we gave u a good beating so it was a good visit and we are looking forward to beating you again and u can bring us some chevapi again.
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