Electing a captain at ETC - Guidelines

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Electing a captain at ETC - Guidelines

Postby Terminator Captain » Thu Aug 25, 2016 9:55 am

With the passing of each ETC edition we receive constant complaints by players, in all game systems, concerning their homeland captain election.

Representing a game system national team is demanded to captains and ETC chairmen can’t interfere with the process each country has to elect them. Each country has to provide a Captain for each game system who is given the credentials at the ETC forum and consequently is allowed to vote and debate representing his nation.
Neither can we build a tribunal to legalize or give no-confidence to a captain. We are sure that reasons for that are obvious to all.

What we can do is to provide a general guideline on how to elect a captain. Consider it a series of hints on how to solve the problem, especially intended for players in countries who have authoritative if not dictatorial captains who do not want to step out democratically: show them these guidelines.

Election by war: the gaming community should organize an event or a series of events following a set of rules decided by the same community in order to determine a democratic and meritocratic way to elect a captain.
Election by acclamation: the gaming community should organize a regular election among candidates, following a set of rules decided by the community, to democratically elect a captain.
Election by merit: A captain who was among the first 3… 4… 5… (it's up to you to decide which is the merit) best nations in the last ETC edition could be elected without need of war or acclamation.

We strongly recommend to build also a sort of CEO for these kind of things, done by local experienced players who are trusted by the community to supersede one of the three systems above, “Election by war” or “Election by acclamation” or “Election by merit”.
These people could be chosen on regional basis, elected by local players, and should commune to find democratic ways to elect a captain.
Having such a CEO in your country, apart guaranteeing impartiality, could prove to be a useful tool for organizing ETC themed events, to have the community grow in numbers and interest and to bring also new energy to the various games.

Please, captains, respect your community and don’t have us receive complaints anymore, it’s really a pity to read them, each year.

We would also like players to share their experiences in this topic if they are similar to the “war”, “acclamation” or “merit” elections we suggest.

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