Horus Heresy 30K at the ETC Zagreb 2018

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Horus Heresy 30K at the ETC Zagreb 2018

Postby Tangentical » Wed Mar 28, 2018 1:20 pm


Starting this thread to start a place for people to post about teams for 30k for the ETC in Zagreb this year.

Talking with the orgas there is the possibility to run an exhibition team tourni during the ESC prior to the ETC.

I know that we can provide multiple teams from the UK for this (as an exhibition event and needing as many teams as possible from a niche within a niche we intend to not limit to one team per nation).

Teams of 4 people have been suggested. If it is not possible to get teams together the second option is to run this as a single event, however the hope is to run it as a mini team event.

If this is something you are interested in and you think you could gather a team of 4 please post below.

The first team will be Team London Titans.


Come to Clash of the Titans - 1/2 May, London 1850pt Warhammer 40k fun tournament.


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