2018 Chairmen for T9A

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2018 Chairmen for T9A

Postby Furion » Wed Aug 16, 2017 12:11 pm


2017 although a nice experience overall had some imperfections re: T9A organisation.
Hector (the host) complained about lack of know-how help from the Chairmen regarding T9A requirements.

I think that we, as T9A part of ETC, should do two things:
1. do a list of things that we want to improve for next year.
2. find a person who will do the heavy lifting in delivering things from said list.

List of things to do:
1. Help Orga get tables with proper dimensions
2. Help Orga get representative terrain on every table
3. Delivery of clear guidance on what list format is allowed and what are the penalties for sending list in wrong format
4. Delivery of clear guidance on what is a list of penalties for sending too late / incorrect lists.
5. Help ref team creating guideliness re: how to deal with stalling
6. ??? if you have any good ideas, post them here ???

List of people who will apply for chairmen 2018 and do the stuff from list above:
1. Furion. Yeah, that's right. Unless YOU or a PERSON YOU KNOW will step up and do this job. I'll gladly give it to anyone dedicated enough to put in the hours.

A note on being a chairmen, as an ex-chairmen:
1. If you want to be an active chairmen and truly add to ETC experience, you'll need to secure around 100 hours in span of 10 months. That's a lot of time. Make sure you have this resource before applying.
2. As in every administrative position, no one will notice the hours you put in if you do it right, but everyone will burn you if you fail and do it wrong.
3. Experiance in organising big events will be very valuable. ETC faces all the problems that every 2000 person party does + some extra.

I'll update this post with new ideas as they come along.
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Re: 2018 Chairmen for T9A

Postby pizzaguardian » Wed Aug 16, 2017 1:11 pm

Here is the candidacy thread, viewtopic.php?f=43&t=136553

Have at it.
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Re: 2018 Chairmen for T9A

Postby arthain » Wed Aug 16, 2017 2:29 pm

As ex-chairmen, Jerzy's estimation of time needed is not unnacurrate.

A meeting every two weeks which lasts for 1.5-2h + extra work done on the forum, the 100h mark is rather precise.

Add in all the troubleshooting while at the actual ETC: organizing trophies, gathering best painted and sportsmanship votes, keep captains informed, and general problem-solving and putting out all the fires that come up randomly

I also must say that our presence in the Chairmen board is deeply needed too. Schedules, deadlines, referee crew, material (tables, terrain, layout*...)

*FoW and 40K both ask for spreaded out tables. While we don't strictly need it, it would be nice to have some extra space. In all previous years, 40K has taken more floor space per participant than us. Both 40K and FoW have also spent more in terrain per participant than us. So we have a margin for improvement, dedicating more resources (space and material) to our section of ETC.

I am not able to commit such amount of time and energy this year.
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Re: 2018 Chairmen for T9A

Postby Babnik » Mon Oct 23, 2017 2:58 pm

Dear fellows,

As candidate for 2018 Chairman, see below

1/ who are you ?
I’m Fabrice aka Babnik, French, 43 yo and busy as Project Manager for African industries in my other life.
I play WFB since 2nd edition, only Dark Elves untill I recently swap to KoE with T9A.
I love painting, playing, organizing events and hanging out with my gaming mates. I really care about bringing together players from different places and having fun together.

2/ what has your involvement with the ETC been so far ? Will you be present in Zagreb? Would you be willing to take over organizing duties if the situation calls for it?

My first time was in Praha.
Since 2016, I help the Luxembourg team to build their new team.
Croatia was already in my list for holidays destinations for a long time, of course I’ll be in Zagreb!
I will not wait to be called to help, I can bring my contribution into Zagreb’s success asap. Looking forward to be in touch with our Croatian hosts.

3/ what is your vision for the ETC in the (near) future ?

ETC is already the biggest gaming event worldwide, we have 3 core games and side games. So far it’s going pretty smoothly when we have in mind the huge amount of work upstream.
We could be more flexible on side games, because some hasn’t meet the expected success, some other gaming system could take their chance (Bolt Action? Age of Sigmar?)…

4/ how do you want to contribute to the ETC ?

In Paris, I organized over dozen tournaments with WHFB then T9A, Warmachine/Hordes and even Man’O War :wink:
My organizer experience in different gaming systems is, I believe, an asset when it’s about event support and monitoring.

Following End Times “big bang”, thanks to T9A forum, our hobby became more international than ever, and I traveled extensively in Europe to play tournaments and witness the evolution of our community. I also gathered ideas and requests from the players throughout my Euro-Tourneys trip.

Since many players and myself, shared about our ETC experience, there are few points we could implement:
- Yellow card. A real official warning should refrain some players to repeat “mistakes” once again.
- Upon a Captain request, filming a game must be allowed, without the authorization of other Captain.
- The clock system can also be tested, no reason why it works at KoW and WmH and not with T9A. This tool must not be compulsory, but at least we should discuss about it and try it.
- ESC became the biggest single event worldwide but it still need to be improved in terms of communication and organization.
- Concerning gaming tables, we can sponsor the 8 tables rows by clubs/teams throughout Europe. I was thinking of a “best tables award". Even if we won’t get tables for all gaming systems, I’m sure we can get several rows supplied by clubs and it will help our ETC hosts.

After all, ETC is already a great fun and hundred of players worldwide are planning their summer holidays according to it. Not much more can be done, but some slight improvements can be welcome.

Thanks for reading and do not hesitate to message me here or through facebook,
We'll meet anyway in Zagreb
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