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Team NZ Merc

Postby gasmonkey » Sat Mar 10, 2018 5:37 am

Hi all,

We've had a drop from our team unfortunately for real life and will be looking for expressions of interest for someone to fill the gap. We have 7 kiwis on the team so no worries about the residency requirements so would be looking flr someone who is competitive but also has a fun first approach. While I'm sure Poland have us down as dark horses for this year I'm not sure if we'll quite make it that far :D any one interested please drop me a line. Cheers James
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Re: Team NZ Merc

Postby Chosen of Sigmar » Fri Mar 16, 2018 1:51 pm

As I already posted on another forum (9th Age)

From 9th Age Forum wrote:My name is Kaj, a Belgian 9th Age player. As I didn't make the Belgian team this year I've decided to make me available as a Mercernary should a country (or a team UN) require one. I'm still trying to attend as much training days of Team Belgium as possible and in the coming months I will also be more available for games on UB. I will play in Herford with the 2nd Belgian Team playing Vampires. Since 2014 I made Team Belgium every year so I'm quiet familiar being a team player. Over the years my gaming skills have evolved strongly. I speak Dutch, English and French. I also understand German quite good but I'm not the best German speaker. When it comes to army selection I can play Empire of Sonnstahl Highborn Elves and Vampire Covenant. This last one is my favorite to play. Last year I played a solid VC build taking 62 points without any losses. Should there be a country looking for a decent player with a great sense of humour (if I say so myself): I'm your guy... or Kaj as it's almost the same prononciation :)

PS: if you pick me I'll bring some Belgian Beers for our moment of acquaintance ;)

Hope to hear from you with PM.
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