Vale Renegades Gaming Club - Cardiff, UK

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Vale Renegades Gaming Club - Cardiff, UK

Postby space.puppy » Tue Jul 26, 2016 11:38 pm

Hi there guys,

I'm from the Vale Renegades Gaming Club. We're a club that's been around for several years who regularly meet in Firestorm Games in Cardiff a number of times a week. We have very strong 40K, 30K, and Ninth Age communities as well as having plenty of other games regularly played. We are always looking to be introduced to new games as well! We're a really friendly and expanding group of guys who have recently decided to start promoting the club.

We do a mixture of things, from in house narrative campaigns, to very competitive leagues and tournaments, as well as travelling around to other tournaments. Currently we have an upcoming Tournament - Seeds of Destruction - on the 24th and 25th of September. Please consider coming down to what will be a fantastic weekend if you are not too far from us!

I'll post the links to our website, Facebook, and Forum below. If you are in the area and fancy being a regular member then just sign up and say hi on the forum. For anyone else it would be awesome if you did follow our Facebook page as we have some truly amazing painters including a Golden Daemon and Armies on Parade winner!

Facebook -
Website -
Forum -

Cheers, Ben

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