Hello there! Oldhammer in the South West of UK?

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Hello there! Oldhammer in the South West of UK?

Postby wombat » Sun Jun 19, 2016 3:35 pm

Hello everyone, John here. Just joined the forum and thought it appropriate to introduce myself. I'm an old school Warhammer Fantasy fan, love all the old Citadel stuff, the worlds, backgrounds, etc. I've collected on and off for 20 years or so, I've been on a bit of a break and the itch to get painting and gaming again has returned!

In the past I've always remained loyal to Games Workshop; models, paints, systems, etc... I've tried in the past to ignore the massive GW price hikes, the constant changing of paint systems, the GW only 'rule', however, I'm at a stage now where enough really is enough!

I'm not familiar with Oldhammer in any detail and so I would really welcome the responses of anyone kind enough to explain things more to me! The idea of collecting and building an army of miniatures from different manufactures, painting them how you want, and not being restricted by a GW army list/ rules is mighty appealing; to me, this seems to be Oldhammer, am I right?

If there are any free downloadable resources, let me know! Likewise any club information, tournaments, etc, that'd be cool.

Looking forward to being part of this forum and community, looking forward to any replies too!

Thanks, John.

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