Battle in the Castle II Campaign Weekend 7/8 April 9th age

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Battle in the Castle II Campaign Weekend 7/8 April 9th age

Postby simonbromley121 » Thu Nov 30, 2017 8:29 pm

Announcing Battle in the Castle II the first campaign weekend for the 9th age including 9 interesting and challenging scenarios, which will be held at 4TK gaming in Colchester, Essex, CO1 2XL on April 7/8 2018. Please note this will be a 5000pts Tournament, not 4500pts.

This Campaign will be looses based on the 1648 siege of Colchester in the English civil war. The one which Humpty Dumpty is based on.

The Rules pack is here:…%20rules%20pack.docx?dl=0

This is a 24 player tournament, please comment below if you are interested in attending, however, booking a place is only confirmed after payment. Places cost £25 each and PayPal payment should be sent to and use the Send money to friends and family option. There will be a 20% discount on Fantasy product in the store.

Tea and coffee will be available throughout the day.There are also a couple of shops within 10mins walking distance and a McDonalds within 10 mins driving distance.



8:45am to 9:15am REGISTRATION

9:15am to 11:50am GAME 1

11:50am to 12:50am LUNCH/BEST ARMY VOTING

12:50pm to 15:25pm GAME 2

15:25pm to 18:00pm GAME 3



9:00am to 9:15am Doors open

9:30am to 12:30am GAME 4

12:30am to 13:30am LUNCH

13:30pm to 16:30pm GAME 5


Further details will be posted on this thread. Any questions can be posted here or emailed to

Also if anyone would be kind enough to get me a lift there and back, it would be greatly appreciated, I live in Leavenheath, which is half way between Sudbury and Colchester.

Entrants list

Simon Bromley (paid)
Andreas Bock (paid)
Jak Payne
Rory Stoves
Andy Barton
Stuart Warren


Table 1 Battle Crazed
It’s may be ancient spirit, evil enchantment or just at lots of testosterone but both army sure are eager for battle today
Deployment Type: Frontline Clash
All unit gain frenzy except war machines
All frenzy tests are automatically failed.
All units most re-roll failed charge rolls.
Secondary Objective
The first player to kill the opponent general and there general is alive at the end of game get 6bps. If then General is dead they get 4bps and the opponent get 2bps.
If both are alive or both killed at the same time each player gets 3bps.
Table 2 Goodness gracious great ball of fire
It looks like a normal battle until the sky started to rain fire.
Deployment Type: Dawn Assault
At the start of each magic phase the active get a free (e.g. its cost no magic dice to cast) undispellable Wrath of God. ( do not cast the Attribute Spells). This does not stop the player from cast Wrath of God through his wizard later in the phase.
Secondary Objective
Hold the Ground
Table 3 The Veil is torn asunder
Causing magic to fly across the landscape, this is no good for the heath of troops on both sides.
Deployment type
Special Rules
In Each Magic Phase both Players received both Magic Dice and Dispel Dice equal to Magic Dice on the Card. Both Player receive Veil token not just the active player which may be used to purchase Magic Dice (But not Dispel Dice) as per the normal rules. Both side models channel, not just the active player. The Active player cast the first spell, then the players alternate. Players pass if then cannot or do wish to cast a spell, if both players pass in succession then magic phase ends after resolving end of phase triggered abilities. Control an objective give 1 magic dice.
Add +1 to all miscasts.
Secondary Objective
Spoils of War
Table 4 Fountain of Youth
Deployment type
Marching Columns
At last you have found the legendary Fountain of Youth which the druidism spell is name after. Unfortunately so another army so kill then and take the Fountain!
Place at piece of water terrain at least 3” wide in the middle of the table. Any unit within a model within 3” of this terrain has undispelable Summer growth cast on it( do not cast the Attribute Spells, and The Oaken Throne has not effect).
Secondary Objectives
Hold the Ground
Table 5
Siege, hopefully if the rules are good enough if not Cloud of Doom
Cloud of Doom
Deployment type
Frontline clash
Special rule
Place a 5” in the centre of the table with move 2D6 in a random direction (use the arrow on the hit as direction), an model that it touch at any point, or the model moves so it touches it takes a toxic attack. (Strength 3 AP10)
Secondary Objectives
Hold the Ground
We will be using the follow missions from LIST OF 20+ UNIQUE AND FUN SCENARIOS FOR T9A - ENJOY!.
Table 6 Bombing Run
Table 7 Claimed treasure( 1/2 bp for a tie, also win scenario points at the end of the game)
Table 8 March to victory
Table 9 The Elusive Everblossom (objective worth 6bp not 3)
Table 10 Weather the Storm (with the scenario win conditions Breakthrough)
Tables 11 and 12

Normal games of 9th age, roll for deployment type and secondary objective which is worth 6 tournament points.

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