Luxembourg WinterBash - 16/17 December

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Luxembourg WinterBash - 16/17 December

Postby kiri » Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:52 am

Registration on TableTop Tournament is compulsory : ... ?tid=20009

16 & 17 December 2017.

Event size
32 players (may be increase if needed).

Centre sociétaire
29 rue de Strasbourg
1490 Luxembourg

Contact email

In order to make a booking, a team need to pay a ticket of EUR 15 (lunch not included). Indicate “tournoi Whb december – Player name]” when paying. Please send us a short email once the transfer is complete. Ticket must be paid at:

Charles Oiknine
IBAN : LU38 0019 4655 5947 2000

If the lists are not send until 10 December 2017, the place is lost and not refundable.

Lists must be send with the following format:

[player name] [full army name]
[cost] - [lord name] [on mount]: [general], [magic level], [lore], [ability1], [ability2], [item1], [item2], [magic item1], [magic item 2],
[cost] - [lord name] [on mount]: [magic level], [lore], [ability1], [ability2], [item1], [item2], [magic item1], [magic item 2]
[cost] - [hero name] [on mount]: [BSB], [magic level], [lore],[ability1], [ability2], [item1], [item2], [magic item1], [magic item 2]
[cost] - [hero name] [on mount]: [magic level], [lore],[ability1], [ability2], [item1], [item2], [magic item1], [magic item 2]
[cost] - [number of units x] [number of models] [core name]: [FCG], [option1], [option2]
[cost] - [number of units x] [number of models] [core name]: [FCG], [option1], [option2]
[cost] - [number of units x] [number of models] [special name]: [FCG], [option1], [option2]
[cost] - [number of units x] [number of models] [special name]: [FCG], [option1], [option2]
[cost] - [number of units x] [number of models] [rare name]: [FCG], [option1], [option2]
Total: [total cost]

We envisage organizing a dinner with the participant on Saturday night. If you are interested, please tell us when you register.

All the Fantasy Battles: 9th Age rules will be used as found in the Rulebook, Paths of Magic and Army Books here:​ as of 1rstDecember 2017 with the exceptions stated here regarding how to compose the playing table and how to choose the Scenario and Objective to be played. In any case of contradiction between books in different languages, the original book in English will take precedence.


- 8.30am to 9.00am - Registration
- 9.00am to 12.30pm: Game 1
- 12.30pm to 1.30pm : Lunch
- 1.30pm to 5.00pm: Game 2
- 5:30pm to 8.30pm: Game 3

- 9.00am to 9:30am: Arrival
- 9:30am to 1.00pm: Game 4
- 1.00pm to 2.00pm: Lunch
- 2.00pm to 5:30pm: Game 5

Scoring will be done as per 9th Rulebook.

Secondary Objectives
The Secondary Objective to be played in each game will be decided by the pairing matchup according to the following table (may change du to V.2)

Round 1 & 5: Hold the Ground
Round 2: Secure Target
Round 3: Capture the Flags
Round 4: Breakthrough

Models, Painting and Representation
All models should be fully painted and based, WYSIWYG. We shall be particularly vigilant in this regard, because we have observed abuse on that point past year. An unpainted model should not be played! Movement trays are compulsory.

All model manufacturers are welcome as well as hand-made and scratch-build, as long as it proves to be a decent effort, accurately represents what it is supposed to be without causing confusion, is on the right base, is painted and based, and is appropriate for gameplay.

Unit fillers are allowed, within common reason. If in doubt, ask the organisation. Usually the filler should adhere to 3 general guidelines: Not causing confusion, not interfering normal gameplay, and not being more than aprox. 33% of full unit size.
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