AoS Glott on the Landscape : Vampire vs Rotbringers

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AoS Glott on the Landscape : Vampire vs Rotbringers

Postby DiscokingJnr » Sun Jan 31, 2016 2:10 am

Vlad and Isabella had spent a millennia in happiness until the Age of Chaos began and Nurgle wanted his once prized possesion back.Hunted through the realms the Von Carsteins had eluded Nurgle's grasp but now they've been found hiding in a small village and Nurgle has sent the Glottkin to go get her.



Vlad Von Carstein
Isabella Von Castein


Death win a minor victory if Isabella isn't converted or slain after 6 turns or a major victory if both Vlad and Isabella are still alive after 6 turns


Gutrot Spume
Lord of Plagues
Rotbringer Scorcerer
2x5 Blightkings


Rotbringers win a minor victory if both Vampires are slain and a major victory if Isabella is converted.I used Nurglings method of converting so an attacker can forgo damage and instead add whatdamge they would have done plus a d6 and if it beats Isabella's bravery she is converted.

Death turn 1

Isabella summons a unit of Hexwraiths.Vlad summons a unit of Vargiests.


Rotbringers turn 1

Glottkin uses Lords of Nurgle(and does so every Hero Phase) and casts Fleshy Abundance and Mystic Shield on the Blightkings to it's right.The Nurgle Scorcerer cast Mystic Shield on the BLightkings to his left.

They all just run forwards


Rotbringers turn 2

Glottkin fails to cast Mystic Shield but summons 10 Plaguebearers.The Scorcerer casts Mystic Shield on the Blightkings to his left.


All except Gutrot Spume run forward.Gutrot,having got a good run roll last turn just moves forward hoping to charge the Hexwraiths.


Gutrot charges the Hexwraiths and inflicts 3 wounds before suffering 2 wounds in return.


Death turn 2

Vlad summons a unit Vargiests and uses Slaves of Death on them.Isabella summons 5 Grave Guard


The Vargiests move to charge the flank of the Blightkings and Lord of Plagues


Both units of Vargiests make their charges with the freshly summoned unit charging the Plaguebearers


Combat starts with Vargiests only doing 2 wounds on the Lord of Plagues.Gutrot kills 2 Hexwraiths.Vargiests kill 6 Plaguebearers,Lord of Plagues does 2 wounds to one Vargiest,Hexwraiths put another 2 wounds on Gutrot,the Plaguebearers wound a Vargiest 2 times and the BLightkings kill the Vargiests surrounding the Lord of Plagues.

Reality blinked in the battleshock phase and 5 Plaguebearers returned


Death turn 3

Isabella fails to summon a Vargulf while Vlad summons another unit of Vargiests and uses Slaves to Death on them.


The newly summoned Vargiests fail to charge the Lord of Plagues but the Grave Guard charge the Plaguebearers.

The Grave Guard start combat by killing 6 Plaguebearers,Gutrot finishes the Hexwraiths,the Vargiests fail to wound the Plaguebearers who inflict another wound on one in return.


Reality blinks a second time in row and 3 Plaguebearers return.

Rotbringer turn 3

The Blightkings Virulent Discharge heals the Lord of Plagues 1 wound who also heals himself 1 wound.Glottkin casts Fleshy Abundance on the Plaguebearers and Arcane Bolts the Vargiests fighting them for 1 wound.The Sorcerer Arcane Bolts the same unit for 3 more wounds

The Rotbringers move into charge positions.

The Glottkin misses Vlad with Pestilent Torrent.

The Glottkin charges the Grave Guard while Gutrot,the Blightkings and Lord of Plagues fail to charge.


The Glottkin starts combat and wipes the Grave Guard out.The lone Vargiest has a perfect combat and kills 4 Plaguebearers who put 1 wound back on him.


Death turn 4

Isabella summons a unit of Hexwraiths,Vlad summons a Vargulf and uses Slaves of Death on it.

Vlad moves out to confront Gutrot Spume.The Vargiests in the wood fly back to the village to charge the Glottkin.Isabella moves back.


Vlad charges Gutrot and the Vargiests and Vargulf charge the Glottkin.


The Vargiests start combat and inflict 8 wounds on the Glottkin.The Glottkin then hits the Vargiests for 10 wounds and the Vargulf for 6 wounds.Vlad avoids Gutrots tentacles and kills him


The Plaguebearers kill the Vargiest and the Vargulf wound the Glottkin 4 more times.

Rotbringer turn 4

The Glottkin heals 3 wounds,kills the Vargulf with Arcane Bolt but has Mystic Shield unbinded.The Sorcerer faikls to cast Arcane Bolt at Vlad.

The Glottkin retreats from the combat towards Isabella while the Lord of Plagues and his BLightkings move to engage the Vargiest.The other unit Blightkings moves to charge Vlad as does the Plaguebearers.


The Lord of Plagues and his Blightkings charge and kill the last Vargiest.The other unit fails to charge Vlad but the Plaguebearers do and are swiftly despatched by Vlad.

Rotbringer turn 5

The Glottkin heals 3 wounds and has it's attempts to cast Mystic Shield on itself and Arcane Bolt at Vlad unbinded.The Sorcerer hits Vlad for 1 wound with his Arcane Bolt.

The Rotbringers close in


The Glottkin and the Lord of Plagues charge the Hexwraiths guarding Isabella but the BLightkings fail.The Other Blightkings charge Vlad.


The Glottkin starts combat by killing 4 Hexwraiths.The lone Hexwraith then wounds the Lord of Plagues once.The Blightkings kill Vlad but he returns next to the Lord of Plagues and hits him for 4 wounds before he gets hit for 2 wounds by him.


Death turn 5

Isabella summons a Vargulf who gets Vlads Slaves to Death but Vlad fails to summon a Zombie Dragon.

The Vargulf charges the Glottkin and Isabella charges the Lord of Plagues.


Isabella kills the Lord of Plagues and heals Vlad of one wound.The Glottkin can only do 3 wounds on the Vargulf who hits the Glottkin for 2 wounds in return.

Death turn 6

Vlad summons a Dragon and grants Isabella Slaves to Death.Isabella Mystic Shields Vlad.


The Dragon makes it's charge against the Blightkings and starts combat off killing 3 and wounding another twice.The BLightkings in combat with the Von Carsteins put 3 wounds on Vlad,2 on Isabella and kill the remaining Hexwraith.Vlad puts 5 wounds on the Blightkings,the Glottkin kills the Vargulf.Isabella wounds the Blightkings 3 times and heals her beloved 1 more time.


Rotbringer turn 6

The Glottkin heals 2 wounds,Mystic Shields itself but has Arcane Bolt unbinded.Isabella unbinds the Sorcerers arcane Bolt.

The Glottkin misses Vlad again with Pestilent Discharge but charges the 2 vampires.


The BLightkings kill Vlad,Isabella goes mad and hits them for 6 wounds.The other Blighkings wound the Dragon who finishes them off.The Glottkin goes to convert Isabella but only manges 4 wounds which can't convert her.

Death wins a minor victory :)

(And Isabella summoned more Vargiests who with the Dragon felled the mighty Glottkin.Isabella picked up Vlads ring,mounted the Dragon and flew off)

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