[8th] Skaven Vs TK

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[8th] Skaven Vs TK

Postby Cbt » Wed Nov 11, 2015 9:44 pm


Grey seer (455)
Screaming bell and channelling staff. Warp lightning, scorch, cracks call and 13th.

Plague priest (332)
Talisman of preservation, plague furnace, level 2, addl Hwpn. Skitterleap, howling warpgale.

Plague priest (137)
Level 2, addl Hwpn, Death frenzy, scorch.

Chieftan and BSB. (100)
Enchanted shield, dragonhelm, dawnstone.

50 clanrats (FC) shields and mortar team. (310)

30 Storm vermin (FC) and mortar team. (300)

30 Plague monks (FC) plague banner (265)

Warplightning cannon (90)

Warplightning cannon (90)

15 Jezzails and sharpshooter (310)

Tomb Kings

Tomb King (270)
Destroyer of eternities, Other tricksters shard, dragonbane gem

Tomb Prince (192)
Chariot, Shield, Ironcurse icon, Dragon helm, Sword of might.

Liche high priest (250)
Level 4 (Nek) (Hierophant) Earthing rod, horse. Incantation of the desert, cursed blades, protection and righteous smiting.

Liche high priest (250)
Level 4 (Light) Dispel scroll, horse. Shems burning gaze, net of Ayyntok, banishment and birona’s timewarp.

5 Skeleton horsemen, L/Arm std (80)

5 Skeleton horsemen, L/Arm (70)

8 Chariots (FC) Std/Mus (460)

40 Tomb Guard (FC) Razor standard (515)

Casket of Souls (135)

Hierotitan (175)

Set up for a pitched battle

Rich deployed first. Maybe the jezzails on the left flank was a bad idea but I can see why, shoot the horsemen opposite and then concentrate on the Tomb King flank in safety. I deployed more centrally trying to be under the area of influence of any of the Nehekhara spells.





5 undead horsemen vanguard forward.

Skaven 1. Rich takes the initiative and takes first turn.

General movement forward, magic (7/4) scorch on the chariot unit caused 2 wounds but remainder were dispelled. Jezzails wipe out the horsemen. Both warp lightning cannons fall short of the mark.


Tomb King 1

A subtle movement forward, tempting the charge in the second turn. Magic (11/7) resulted in Net being cast on the Bell unit, incantation of the desert on the tomb Guard and then a bubble protection. My heart sank as I rolled a double 6. Didn’t need a miscast – I rolled a 5 basically 2 horsemen died and the magic phase was cut short with the loss of power dice. Disappointed as I wanted the chance to zap the jezzails with the casket.


Skaven 2

The net stopped the Skaven bell unit from charging, magic was poor (5/5) and Rich invested all his dice in a scorch spell against the Tomb Guard, they took 3 wounds but Rich rolled irresistible force and then lost 2 levels and along with scorch one of the other spells (cracks call or lightning, I cannot remember) Shooting was uneventful with no notes – I remember rich having some poor artily dice rolls once again.

Tomb King 2

Taking advantage of the stuttering bell unit both the Tomb Guard and Chariots charged.


Double 1 for magic but I channelled and got 2 dice from the casket but only managed to cast righteous smiting.
Combat was critical, the impact hits from the chariots were disappointing, only 5 but at S6 I got 5 kills. The clanrats got the initiative but against Ws6 and Ws5 both with T4 their number of wounding hits were limited, the Tomb guard faired better and killed many of the rats but the bell made them unbreakable. My solution was to direct all the kings attacks against the bell. 4 hits, 3 wounds and 2 of those will heroic killing blow. Pop goes the bell and the Grey seer runs into the unit, without being unbreakable the unit fails it’s leadership and breaks from combat. Double 1 even with scurry away didn’t look good and both the chariots and tombguard pursued the rats into oblivion. Tomb guard went further than the chariots which presented an obvious problem in the next turn. The nearby mortar team scurried away as well, panicked from the demise of the clan rats.


Skaven 3.

The plague furnace and the plague monks charge the chariots as does the storm vermin. The mortar team rally’s just in front of the cannon.


Magic, (4/3) cast withering on the chariots which I used my dispel scroll. Jezzails kill all the remaining horsemen. 1st cannon misses and the 2nd misfires and explodes.

The combined arms of both units which included the plague banner pretty much killed the unit before any attacks back. I was unaware of the potency of the plague banner and should have not used the dispel scroll and just gone for the dispel dice.


The Storm vermin moved forward and the plague monks were blocked off, Rich and I discussed various permutations of this as the plague monks would have gone towards the TG however the storm vermin would have been about an inch next to the TG flank and blocked the flank arc. As it happens the Storm vermin if they’d have moved 1 inch further forward the plague monks could have charged the tomb guard.

Tomb King 3

Tomb Guard charge the mortar team with enough of an angle should they win (ha ha) to be able to sweep into the warp lightning cannon. The hierotitan now has to stall the storm vermin and thereby prevent the plague monks charging next turn.


Magic (10/5) The casket causes 25% casualties to the jezzails and they flee off of the table. I bubble the protection and give the hiero righteous smiting.


No surprises the tomb guard kill the mortar team and move into the WLC – I make sure the King isn’t involved in base to base. Avoiding any silly rules conversation about being locked in combat and he won’t be one of the six combatants.

The storm vermin fluff their attacks against the hierotitan and it was the thunder stomp that proved to be too effective and removed the back rank which then unblocked the plague monks. Rats (literally)

Skaven 4

With the rear rank dying the plague monks were able to charge the rear of the tomb guard.


The hierotitan continues to kill some storm vermin who win the combat and now reform into his front. The furnace unit have the advantage in charging the rear of the tomb guard, thankfully they were in the area of effect of the bubble protection but they were still spanked – that said the King makes way to the rear rank while the champion and 5 of his mucka’s make light work of the WLC negating the rear charge bonus. The King gets 2 heroic killing blow hits on the furnace this pretty much draws the combat and the tomb guard reform to face the plague monks.


Tomb King 4

No real movement as the units are in combat. Magic (10/6) I get timewarp, righteous smiting and the bubble protection off. The wounds healed on the tomb guard means I’ve now got 39.


With ASF and the extra attacks from time warp and righteous smiting the tomb guard go to town on the plague monks, 25 wounds and to add insult to injury the king kills the plague priest after forcing a reroll on his ward save.
The hierotitan loses the combat but as he’s a construct ignores the wound for crumbling.

Skaven 5

No casters so a quick turn. The storm vermin win the combat with the hierotitan then reforms facing the casket. Part of a point saving exercise, that unit worth 400 points.


Tomb King 5

I moved the casters out of the way and with time warp still in effect I closed the gap to the storm vermin. Magic (11/5) I threw all sorts of magic missile and direct dame at the storm vermin but didn’t panic them. Which is really the only way I’m going to usher them from the table.


Skaven 6

Tests to march, moves directly away 10”

Tomb King 6

Charge the Storm vermin, inch perfect, only for Rich to flee away and coming up an inch and a half shy of the battle field edge. Magic (8/4) again, all sorts of magic missile and I’d managed to kill 14 of them but not enough to get them in the final turn.


A Tomb King victory, a few fortunate moments (HKB on the bell and the furnace as well as the plague priest) the blocking of the plaguemonks by the storm vermin and the fact the Jezzails weren’t able to wipeout the horsemen with the two high liches.

2136 points Vs 1002 points. Depending on your preferred 20-0 system you’re looking at a 17-3 or 16-4.

Happy with that but I can see various changes to my list, the 9 chariots was nice to play but actually impractical, the strength is nice but the limits of supporting attacks and the length of the unit presents problems of its own. It was fun to play the DoE but also think the King is vulnerable.

Its funny how things evolve during the game, the horsemen being shot away and the jezzails killing the other horsmen unit (forgot regen) but I should really have combined the unit to have more ablative wounds. Not sure about my opponents magic, in hindsight I’m not that familiar with Skaven and with them not having a signature spell it didn’t occur to me he had 8 levels of magic and only access to 7 spells. During the game we also noticed two magic armour items on the BSB, not sure if that’s due to one in the book being a common item while the other is in the rule book.


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Re: [8th] Skaven Vs TK

Postby HannesB » Sun Jan 31, 2016 11:22 pm

Awesome Report! Lovely Tomb kings =D>

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