Tomb King vs Bretonnia

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Tomb King vs Bretonnia

Postby Cbt » Sat Oct 10, 2015 9:41 pm

Tomb King (270)
Destroyer of eternities, Other tricksters shard, dragonbane gem

Tomb Prince (202)
Chariot, Shield, Ironcurse icon, Dragon helm, Sword of anti-hero’s

Liche high priest (245) Hierophant.
Level 4 Nek. Earthing rod, steed

Liche high priest (245)
Level 4 Light. Dispel scroll, steed

20 Skeleton archers (120)

8 Chariots (485)
Champion, Standard bearer, Musician, Banner of swiftness

40 Tomb Guard (515)
Champion, Standard bearer, Musician, Razor standard

Casket of Souls (135)

Hierotitan (175)

2392 Points.

Bret Lord (297)
Grail vow, Virtue of knight temper, Gromril great helm, Obsidian trinket, other tricksters shard, shield, lance, royal Pegasus.

Bret Lord (221)
Virtue of confidence, birth sword of Carcassonne, dawn stone, charmed shield, warhorse.

Prophetess (280)
Level 4. Life. Silver mirror, warhorse.

Paladin (124)
BSB, Virtue of duty, Enchanted shield, Luck stone, warrior bane, warhorse.

Paladin (162)
Virtue of the joust, Lance of artois, shield, royal Pegasus.

Damsel (115)
Level 2 beasts. Warhorse.

10 Bowmen with defensive stakes. (60)

10 Bowmen with defensive stakes. (60)

9 Errant Knights (FC) with erranty banner (221)

9 KoTR (FC) (240)

9 KoTR (FC) (240)

40 Men at arms (FC) (227)

Trebuchet (90)

2337 pts

I’m getting this list confirmed as I’m 60 points adrift

We rolled for battle of the pass and Jack seemed happy that the marching Tomb Kings would be some distance away, that said he deployed forward – but the treb would be safe on the battlefields edge.

Tomb Kings deployment.


The Brets deployment, right flank


Left flank.


Turn 1.

The Bretonnian’s took a knee and the Tomb Kings moved forward. Large Pha’s protection, speed of light and time warp were cast the two latter spells on the tomb guard. One of the spells was cast at irresistible force but only caused 2 skeleton wounds and a wound on the light mage.


The Bretonnian edge forward on the right flank while on the left the errant knight along with the Lord on Pegasus make their way to the flank of the tomb guard and skeleton archers.



Jack managed to cast flesh to stone on the men at arms despite a low yield magic phase (4/3) I dispelled the attempt of wyssans. Pha’s protection caused the treb not to fire.

Turn 2

Failed charge from the chariots meant I would just be moving up the remainder of the army.
Another dominant magic phase (12/5) meant I cast cursed blades, speed of light and time warp on the tomb guard, I failed to cast the casket on the now closing Pegasus lord.


Brets now had a few decisions to make and due to the length of the lance it was impossible to get the larger KoTR unit past the men at arms without hitting the unit. Jack decided to charge the tomb guard instead. The KoTR with the help of the men at arms charged the chariots. The Errant knights charged the skeleton archers, the Pegasus lord flew closer to the casket. Magic phase (7/5) Jack used 5 dice to cast dwellers – with irresistible force, the prophetess took a wound and 4 knights were killed along with 15 tomb guard. Remaining dice were lost and the magic phase ended. The trebuchet scattered away from the hierophant and hit a few skeleton archers. Combat ensued, errant knights destroyed the archers and turned towards the massed combat, the Tomb King boosted with ASF and I10 went before the Lord, with 4 hits at S7 (AP) meant no armour save but I’d rolled a couple of 5’s for the killing blow. Jack failed his ward saves and the body of the Lord slid to the floor while his severed head bounced past the King. The Tomb guard inflicted a number of wounds including a further 4 killing blows – the knights inflicted a few hits in return but the damage was done and the unit had to flee, Jack rolled over average, a 9 while the Tomb guard rolled higher.


The knights and pegsus paladin did better and won the chariot combat but not enough to destroy the massed chariots of the desert King, the men at arms reformed to try and increase their number of attacks.


Turn 3

The Hierotitan knew that he had to sacrifice himself to prevent the errant knights from immediately joining the fray to parked himself in front of the knights.

The chariots had taken a bit of a battering in the previous rounds so I cast every spell I could to try and heal some wounds – I managed 7 and put another couple of chariots on. I made way with the prince to try and tackle the paladin on the flank, with time warp and the sword of anti-hero’s I’d be striking at S5. Time warp on the chariots was telling.
Off camera the casket of souls is cast against the pegasus lord which sustains 4 wounds (6,6,1) and he fails his ward save and is killed. Combat around the chariots with the buffs is pretty much a stale mate with no real winner.


Brets now charge the hierotitan, even with pha's protection cast on him the ranks and standard are enough to win the combat and cause it to crumble, the follow up took them into the chariots. Ws5 Chariots managed to shake a lot of potential hits from happening.

Turn 4

The chariots badly needed support so I charged in the tomb guard, I had the advantage in the magic phase again so I cast time warp on the chariots allowing them to whittle down the men at arms, with the added weight of the tomb guard their number was drastically reduced and they broke through the chariots, the KoTR stayed but the paladin fleed.


The tomb guard reformed into the knights.

Brets turn - the long absent treb landed a short on target and the hieophant was squashed after 5 wounds were inflicted to him. A quick crumble test didn't do much to change the look of the table. With just the damsel on the table the magic phase was limited and the increased toughness of wyssans didn't really help against the killing blow of the tomb guard and after the combat 8 knights lay dead, the errant knights fleed the field as did the lone KoTR champion and damsel.


Jack called it at this point and the bretonnians retired from the field...


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