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Battle Magic Lores Discussion

Postby eriktheguy » Wed Oct 07, 2015 6:01 pm

A thread for open discussion of all the magic lores in WHFB:RR
Include discussion on the 8 lores of battle magic and army specific lores

Some of my feedback:
I've played one game under these rules and in that game I used a Loremaster of Hoeth. The new set of signature spells is different. Having access to throne of vines is interesting/cool. Overall putting throne as the signature spell makes sense for Life mages, but it works differently on the loremaster. It helps with casting boosted versions of spells (most signatures have boosted options) which opens up the loremaster's options. It also gives you something to do when your Loremaster's other spells aren't in range. I think it is less powerful than having a regen buff, but more interesting.

The signature spell for Death (Energy Drain) has me confused. It seems like a very expensive way to lower someone's ward save by very little for a single turn. It is extremely situational. Death's signature only seems good against a few enemies, and then only if you manage to hit them hard in the same turn. I wouldn't mind having it against a unit of daemons, but even then it would be low on my casting priority list.
Compare to plague of rust which is cheaper, permanent, affects a more common save, and arguably affects a more powerful save (giving -1 to a 2+ save is more effective than giving -1 to a 4++ save, especially if that 2+ save is rerollable)

I think I would be more inclined to use it if it were more powerful (remove wardsave, force reroll on success, larger penalty) or if it lasted longer (permanent -1 penalty or RiP spell). From the loremaster's point of view, I still wish I had an offensive spell for sniping low Ld units, but I guess we can't design every spell lore just to please High Elves :)

Finally, there is some ambiguity for Energy Drain. Is a 6+ ward save with a -1 penalty still a success on a natural 6?

Overall I love what you've done with the 8 main lores and the army book lores. Keep up the good work.

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Re: Battle Magic Lores Discussion

Postby eriktheguy » Sun Oct 11, 2015 5:36 pm

A bit more:

Steel Golem: mentions that you cannot cast the spell without a legal position twice.
Golden Forge: is a really cool idea.
Healing Light: has me confused as to what its intent is. Is it supposed to target a unit or model? If it targets a unit, does every wounded model in the unit get affected? Or do you choose one model within the unit to be affected? If a wounded hero is in an infantry unit whose W characteristic is 1, does that mean the unit cannot be targeted and therefore the hero not healed?
Master of Stone: I think you should specify whether a building made of stone counts or not. My instinct is (no since hills + ruins are already very common), but the point here is to have a ruling so everyone is on the same page, regardless of what that ruling is.
Lore of Life: Overall I like the direction you've taken a lot. Seems like a front-lines and in-your-face lore.
Second Sign of Amul: Very hard to tell if this spell is going to be under/overpowered or balanced. I think only playtesting can tell.
I miss Wind Blast :(, but I guess it was a cooler spell in theory than in practice
Summon Shadow: It is a cool idea, but I think you need to consider how long this is going to take to playtest and tweak. It is very hard to understand exactly how it works from a rules perspective and may require a lot of clarification or rewriting. I think there are many possible complications especially around charging. I think you need to decide if you want to devote so much time to this one spell when you are already doing a ton of work on other aspects of the game.
Pit of Shades: I really appreciate this subtle but meaningful change. It used to be that boosted pit was almost worthless. Choosing between regular and boosted is going to be a real choice now.
Life Leeching: Less exciting than the original attribute, but far more balanced and sensible which is good.
Lore of Death: Purple sun is gone. Probably a good choice. Death was the #1 lore choice before. If it remains popular after the changes it will be clear that removing purple sun was a good call. I think death will be the go to lore for combat buffs, since it has 4 options and otherwise has good utility with its monster-sniping capabilities.

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