H: LW Polish, or Brits. Soviet Lend Lease MW/LW W: $$

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H: LW Polish, or Brits. Soviet Lend Lease MW/LW W: $$

Postby squalie » Sun Sep 06, 2015 5:52 pm

I figured I'd do some Spring cleaning. Everything is by lot only, no splitting up. Ask any questions you need and thanks in advance!

FLAMES OF WAR BRITISH: $175 USD These are primed in the correct Russian Uniform green.

2 HQ Shermans
1 Sherman ARV
9 Shermans
3 Firefly, 17 pdr
4 M5 Half track and crew
4 M10
4 Sextons (Polish loved the Sextons)
2 Crusader AA
British/ Canadian decals
Polish Decals (hard to get)
Polish armoured dice (custom made)


INOMAROCHNIKIY, LEND LEASE MW/LW SOVIETS. Plenty of stuff here at a great price! $200 USD, plus shipping.

21 M4A2 76mm tanks. 8 painted very well, includes Loza, 2 NIB
10 M4A2 75mm tanks, have all .50 cals and extra stuff on sprue.
12 T34's, banged up a little. Have barrels for the 76, and plastic hulls for the T34/85 option.
13 T70's
1 Zvesda Sturmovik
decals, bases
5 plastic Shermans
2 SU-100
1 SU85M
Mounted Razvedki, NIB
Infantry, not really sure exactly what they are.
extra M4A2 stuff on sprue.



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