For Sale - 10mm WWII Pendraken British

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For Sale - 10mm WWII Pendraken British

Postby Mephiston » Tue Feb 17, 2015 10:13 am

I've got the following for sale.

All based to BKC/CWC standard unless listed as loose.

6 x Trucks (undercoated)
12 x M3 Halftracks, 6 open, 6 tilt (undercoated)
9 x Shermans (4 Painted, 5 undercoated)
3 x Firefly (1 painted, 2 undercoated)
1 x CO stand (undercoated. 1 Halftrack,1 souct car, 3 Inf)
1 x Armoured HQ (undercoated, 1 Shreman, 2 Inf)
1 x Infantry HQ (undercoated, 1 Bren carrier, 3 Inf)
2 x Priest (undercoated)
2 x Typhons (1 painted, 1 undercoated)
3 x Bren carriers (undercoated)
2 x AT guns (1 undercoated, 1 loose)
11 x Infantry bases (4 inf per base, mix of weapons)
1 x Mortar (2 tubes, undercoated)
1 x MMG (2 guns, painted)
38 x loose infantry (singles) of mixed types.

Some pics here -
More can be taken if required.

New from Pendraken it would be about £117, looking for around £75 including 1st class recorded P&P in the UK.
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