**All sellers please read**

2nd hand sales of historical products. Ebay links must have (EBAY) added to the title of the thread. TWF are not responsible for any deals made.

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**All sellers please read**

Postby scrivs » Wed Jan 08, 2014 12:11 pm

Hi guys

introducing a few things in here to make it a bit more streamlined as a trial at first but if things go well then they will stick around.


Any kind of "Bumping" a thread (i.e. replying to your thread to move it up the board for increased attention) is only allowed once every three days.

Thread identification

In order to improve the clarity of the "Unread Posts" list, all Threads must be identified as such by adding the following tag to the front of the Thread title as appropriate for its board. Please place these at the start of your post.


So, for example a thread title could look like this:

(SALE)(TRADE) Greek Army

New Members
Please do not offer trades or sales unless you are a long standing member of the board, typically 3 months with a history of involvement in threads.

Also if you have a thread that is no longer active contact me and I will lock it down, I will also try to keep the area clean by archiving threads over 60 days old.



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