Making a Skaven Mechanicus army

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Making a Skaven Mechanicus army

Postby ColonelBobfred » Sun Jan 10, 2016 4:30 pm

Hello everyone. I've come to this forum to primarily ask the question this thread is about, but I'll likely hang around. I've only started playing the tabletop game since late December, using a Skitarii army, which happens to be primarily green.

Question: Can I make and use an army that uses models that are not actually part of that army?

In context: I've got an interest in Skaven and the Ad Mech, and seeing that the Skaven have the techy Clan Skyre under Ikit Claw, I started considering the use of Skaven to "thicken up" my Ad Mech army.
Through much scrutiny of the models available, I've decided that Stormfiends fit Kastelan robots, and Clanrats as Skitarii Vanguard.
- In another point, it'd be to end up with a Mechanicus army for 40k, a Skaven army for Sigmar, and a combined might for large battles.

The army will use either the Mechanicus codex or the Skaven codex.

Considering the Skaven affiliation with Nurgle, for the most lore sense, I guess the army would have to be Dark Mechanicus.
Another reason for my idea of this working is the way the Radium Ad Mech weapons work, as well as the Eradication beamers and the like, as they can easily be interpreted as using poison and corrosive acid.

I'm aware of the often-used "If it isn't stated, it can't be done" rule, but as I've seen, it depends on who your opponent is. (But always keeping it within reason. Why the heck would I have Necrons in an Eldar army, as an example).

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Re: Making a Skaven Mechanicus army

Postby Squidmaster » Thu Jan 21, 2016 11:17 am

Best answer I can give:
The short version is yes, in casual games most people would probably have no problem with this, so long as you have modelled the Skaven to look like they can still be AdMech.
The important provision though is that as Skaven models, you would probably not be able to use them in "official" tournaments. GW have rules about what can be used, and I think they still say that models must be 50% the original. Most others tend to say that models should at least in some way look like what they are supposed to be.
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