Age of Sigmar Homebrew Realm of Shadow Rules

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Age of Sigmar Homebrew Realm of Shadow Rules

Postby AlectoVonCarstein » Sun Dec 06, 2015 10:27 pm

Hello All,

I am currently working on starting an Age of Sigmar Campaign with my hobby group. the main story around it is that there is a Tzeench sorcerer and his 'cronies invading the realm of shadow in search of mysterious and powerful mguffins, with Malerion and others trying to kick him out. Given by how much fun we have using the Time of War snippets for fighting in the different realms, I thought it a good idea to homebrew one for the realm of Shadow, which I present below:

The Realm of Shadow Rules
Thick Mists: Terrain features in the realm of shadow are wreathed in a mysterious fog that block sight. A model cannot see over a terrain feature to any targets that lie beyond it.
Sapped will to fight: The strange magics of Ungor take hold and heighten the senses of paranoia in all but the swift minded. Models suffer a further -1 penalty when testing for Battleshock.
Spell- Smoke and Mirrors: Wizards in the realm of shadow know the smoke and mirrors spell in addition to any other spells they know. Smoke and Mirrors has a casting value of 6. If successfully cast, select a friendly unit within 18” of the caster. The caster may move the unit up to 9” in any direction, but must not be moved within 9” of an enemy model, the target unit may not move during their turn, but may otherwise act as normal.
Ungor Triumphs
If you win a major victory in a battle in the realm of shadow, you can roll on the following table instead of the Triumph table on the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar rules sheet.
D6 Result
1 Cloak of Shadows: Pick a Hero to embody this essence. This model gains a further +1 to their save when behind cover
2 Tome of Ungor: Pick a Wizard in your army. That model knows the Smoke and Mirrors spell, even if the battle is not taking place in the Realm of Shadow. If the battle is taking place there, then you can add 1 to this model’s casting rolls instead.
3 Terrifying Mask: Pick a Hero in your army to wear this mask. Enemy Models suffer a further -1 penalty when testing for battleshock while the wearer is in combat with them.
4 Blessing of Ungor: Pick one Totem or standard bearer in your army to receive this blessing. Increase the Bravery Characteristic by 1 for all friendly models within 6” of the model with the blessing.
5 All Seeing Eye: Pick a Hero in your army to wear this talisman. The model wearing this talisman ignores the Thick Mists special rule when fighting in the realm of shadow. If he is not fighting in the realm of shadow, he gains +1 to his hit rolls when he using a ranged weapon in the shooting phase.
6 Essence of Ungor: Pick a Hero in your army to embody this essence. Models get -1 to hit rolls when attacking that model

With all that being said, what is your opinion? would you make any changes to better suit the fluff of the realm of Shadow?

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