Hobgoblin - A Mass Battle Game

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Hobgoblin - A Mass Battle Game

Postby crikeymiles » Mon Jul 13, 2015 4:34 pm

Hobgoblin sets out to provide a fast and simple ruleset that will allow you to play fantasy-themed mass battles with your existing miniatures collections, at satisfyingly large scales.



The objective of Hobgoblin is to provide interesting tactical and strategic choices throughout the game, alongside more unexpected moments, whilst also ensuring that every model you own is as equally "viable" a choice as any other model, so nothing you choose to paint is wasted. Playing games with roughly 3000pts a side will likely take 60-75mins, so you can get two big battles in an evening.

The game is currently free to download, and in active beta testing. Please let me know if you download it, and if you have any feedback, either here, or on Twitter.

Of course the timing of this beta release is related to the current "zeitgeist" moment, but the game has been in development for over a year, and is in its third major iteration. (Original working titles were: "Hammer & Anvil" (played too much like chess), then "Hammer Of War" (played too much like KoW), then "Advanced Warshammer" (the current incarnation). ;)

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