Vehicle Change

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Vehicle Change

Postby BigBoss89 » Thu Feb 19, 2015 8:35 am

Could this be something for vehicles in 40K?

*Fortified Transport (Vehicle with Transport Capacity only)

Vehicle treats Crew Stunned result as Crew Shaken instead.

*Extra Armour

Vehicles roll a D6 for each Glancing hit suffered against the vehicle. On a 1-3, the vehicle suffers the Glancing Hit as per normal but at the roll of 4+ the vehicle ingores the effect of the Glancing Hit (treat it as a missed shot).

*Digital Armament

Weapons mounted on vehicles that suffer Crew Shaken or Crew Stunned results can still fire at their normal BS value (normally can only Snap Fire). However, weapons with the Haywire special rule rolls an additionall D6 discarding the lowest when rolling for the effect of the Haywire weapon against this vehicle.

*Hydra Cluster Launcher

Vehicle Upgrade only.

Range: 12"
AP: -
Strength: 2
Type: Heavy 4, Blast, Blind, One Use Only.

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