Nemeroth, Vengeance of the Warp

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Nemeroth, Vengeance of the Warp

Postby BigBoss89 » Sun Jan 11, 2015 2:34 pm

Played 40k Space Marines and thought about the main villain in the game (Chaos Lord/Sorcerer Nemeroth) and thought to myself
that it would be cool to see him as a model in the 40k Miniatures game as well. Here's my take on Nemeroth (Stats wise).

Nemeroth, Vengeance of the Warp

Type: Monsterous Creature.

Cost: 230p (Or simply, Cost: X)


Wargear: Fleshmetal, Power Fist with built-in Twin-Linked Plasma Gun, Warp-Forged Reaper Claw, Signum of Sorcerers.

Warp-Forged Reaper Claw:

Range: Melee
Strength: User
Type: Shred, Soul Quench, Specialiced Weapon.

Soul Quench: If the bearer slays one or more models in close combat, the bearer adds one more Warp Charge point during his next friendly Psychic Phase. This bonus Warp Charge point can only be used by the bearer himself.

Signum of Sorcerers:

Nemeroth re-rolls Spawnhood and Dark Apotheosis results when rolling on the Chaos Boon Table.

Buyable Upgrades:

Gift of Mutation: 25p

Nemeroth may upgrade one of the following Daemonic Loci:

Lesser - Abjuration: 15p
Greater - Swiftness: 30p
Exalted - Conjuration: 50p


Special Rules: Independent Character, Daemon, Daemon of Tzeentch, Daemonic Instability, Psyker (Mastery Level 3), Fearless, Champion of Chaos, Veterans of the Long War.

Psyker: Nemeroth generates his powers from, Tzeentch, Change and Daemonology (Malefic) disciplines.

Nemeroth's Warlord Table:


1: Abysmal Strike

The crackling sound of thunder arises admidst the battlefield; a Warp Gate opens forth as Nemeroth scathes from the Warp into the Realm of Reality.

Nemeroth has the Deep Strike special rule.

2: Mutalith Aura

Nemeroth body is shrouded by a dark aura of corruption that seeks to pierce through the very hearts of lesser mortals and turn them to serve the Gods of Chaos.

All enemy units in base contact with Nemeroth must re-roll successful Fear tests.

3: Conjurer's Wrath

Nemeroth touch is one with the Warp, allowing him to become an instrument of Tzeentch's will.

Any Witchfire or Beam psychic powers from Tzeentch or Change disciplines cast by this model are increased by an additional +1 Strength (to a maximum of 10).

4: Vengeance of the Aegis

The wispers of the past begin to flow through Nemeroth's mind as a raging torrent. A vendetta is forged in the midst of battle against the False Emperor and his minions. Born by a single word; Death.

Nemeroth re-rolls all failed To Hit rolls granted by Veterans of the Long War in every close combat phase, not just the first.

5: Scryers Gaze

Nemeroth's eyes are set ablaze with azur fires, slowing time itself around him, causing lesser beings to gaze at a creature that seems to move with uncanny speed

Nemeroth has the Jink special rule.

6: Boon of Change

A blinding light emerges above Nemeroth, casting forth a dreaded Chaos Artifact that connects and merges onto Nemeroth's body and soul.

At the start of the first friendly turn, Nemeroth rolls on the Exalted Rewards table (see Codex:Chaos Daemons) and generates one reward as per normal at no additional cost.

Sorry if I got any termonology wrong or for the heap of typos in the text.

Leave a comment on what you think :)

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