Comp Idea (everything goes at a cost)

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Comp Idea (everything goes at a cost)

Postby maca1066 » Mon Nov 10, 2014 3:49 pm

This is an idea that popped into my head the other day when thinking of Comps. This is purely a concept atm and costs are way off but i think you can see where im heading (i haven't done indivdual armies)

Everything’s is allowed………at a cost

Each army can be selected from any Warhammer Armies book, including Chaos Dwarves.
Armies may be selected up to a maximum of 3,000pts.
However for each of the following rules not followed you must pay a certain points value thus reducing the overall size of your list (displayed in brackets):

Army composition percentages
0-25% Lords (100pts)
0-25% heroes (100pts)
25-100% core (500 pts)
0-50% Special (100 pts)
0-25% rare (200 pts)

Army Type percentages
50-100% Infantry (100 pts)
25-100% infantry (300 pts)
0-40% monstrous infantry (200 pts) (100 pts for ogre kingdoms)
0-15% chariots (250 pts)
0-20% monsters (300 pts)
0-40% cavalry (200 pts) (100 pts for brets)
0-20% monstrous cavalry (100pts)
0-15% war beasts (100pts)
0-20% monstrous beasts (100 pts)
0-10% War machines (100 pts)
0-20% war machine (200 pts)

Rules Percentages
0-20% fast cavalry (200 pts)
0-20% skirmishers (200 pts)
0-20% scout (200 pts)
0-15% fly (200 pts)

Character comps
0-1hero or lord (25 pts)
0-2hero or lord (25 pts)
0-3hero or lord (50 pts)
0-4hero or lord (50 pts)
0-5hero or lord (100 pts)
0-6hero or lord (100 pts)
max of 3 wizard levels (25 pts)
max of 4 wizard levels (25 pts)
max of 5 wizard levels (50 pts)
max of 6 wizard levels (50 pts)
max of 7 wizard levels (100 pts)
max of 8 wizard levels (100 pts)
max of 9 wizard levels (150 pts)

In the case of different percentages if you pay for one you must still abide by the second i.e if you pay 25 points to allow your self to have 4 wizard levels you can then allow your self 5 wizard levels by spending 25 more points (50 in total).

my main question is this idea worth putting anymore brain power into or should i give up while im ahead :p
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