Purple Sun: Rewritten

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Purple Sun: Rewritten

Postby Gondarion » Tue Feb 25, 2014 12:41 pm

Purple Sun of Xereus 25+

Remains in play. When this spell is cast, the caster nominates a single spot on the tabletop. Starting from this spot, roll the artillery and scatter dice. If a misfire is rolled, the vortex is centered over the caster; if there is no misfire and a hit is rolled, the vortex begins at the spot nominated by the caster. Otherwise, the roll determines where the vortex begins. When it is determined where the vortex begins, place the 5" "pie" template with the center over the spot. Any models directly under the center are automatically killed with no armour save, although ward saves can be taken. Models under the rest of the template must pass an initiative test or die with nothing but ward saves allowed. Once damage is resolved, roll the artillery and scatter dice once more. If a misfire is rolled, the vortex disappears and the spell ends. Otherwise, the vortex moves 3x the artillery dice roll in the direction nominated by the scatter die. If a hit is rolled, the caster may choose the direction.

In subsequent turns, keep rolling the artillery dice and scatter to determine the distance and direction, until the spell is dispelled, misfires or voluntarily ended by the caster.

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