Multi-player WHFB (or 40k I guess)

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Multi-player WHFB (or 40k I guess)

Postby leopard » Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:44 pm

Stray thought, really need an earthing rod to prevent these but anyway.

Main problem as I see it with WHFB in 'multi-player' mode is the time between player turns, especially with larger battles.

Random thought: each player gets a set of tokens, glass beads etc.

Player one picks up a token, and places it next to a unit/character, the unit/character may now 'act', they can execute a move, they can shoot or they can cast magic if they are allowed to. Then the next player does the same, going round and round until everyone has acted. repeat twice (with different coloured beads) and then have a close combat phase. (ranged weapons troops could shoot twice, or move then shoot, combat troops could move, then charge, characters could move then cast a spell, or cast spells twice - so broken concentration can be recovered from when you drop the second token)

At the start of the turn each player rolls 2D6 for magic power dice, and another 2D6 for dispell dice, these have to last until the next game turn, you can attempt to dispell anything, multiple players can attempt to dispell a single spell, but all must declare before any roll.

At the start of the turn two or more players may agree to 'ally', at which point the ally rules in the book kick in as written, they may not target each others models during the alliance as normal. At the start of the following turn any party to the alliance may elect to leave it with or without the agreement of the other parties.

Not tested this out, but as I see it the only real way the game can be multi-player is to interlace the player turns in some way, now there is a limit to how much can happen before you can react.

May need different tokens for moving and shooting, so a unit can have one of each and not two of the same if that makes sense, maybe a third token for magic.

Provides an interesting mix of a small army - able to act with all of itself before the enemy can, and a larger army, which will always be able to act with multiple units after the enemy has run out of units to move.

Also makes introducing a command and control structure a lot easier - limit the number of tokens you give each player each game turn in some way, or vary the 'cost' of activating a unit.

It becomes a totally different game of course, even with just two players its much more 'move and counter move', and a lot less of standing around waiting for the other player to do something
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