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Odd hammer

Postby Baldie » Tue Oct 15, 2013 9:03 am

We have played games recently where we took unusual builds but not totally rubbish ones.

We discussed choosing armies for your opponent to play with then have a mini tourney still with idea of winning but having to use build chosen by opponent.

Seen similar things done but wanted to put rules in as well to ensure a minimum standard.

Must follow army composition rules
Must have a lord as General, can be wizard.
Must have Lord level Wizard. If General is a Wizard you still need a second lord level wizard.
Lord choices must have one magic item offering a ward save and a magic weapon and if not a wizard also needs to have an item of armour and also a shield.
One wizard in the army needs to have dispel scroll
Army must have a BSB and BSB must have armour if possible and also needs a ward save and and a magic weapon unless a magic banner is chosen. If magic banner is chosen it needs to be of highest points possible.

Sure there are other things we discussed but can't remember what they were.

You build an army with your figs and then opponent uses them in the tourney/campaign.

Must have at least two special units
Must have two rare units

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