Psychology, a new take.

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Psychology, a new take.

Postby leopard » Sat Oct 05, 2013 9:08 pm

This is another one from the rules I'm working on, but could be useful elsewhere so the rough concept is outlined here.

Step 1, make the psychology roll be a single die (1d6 not 2d6), at a stroke you can now roll multiple tests in parallel, so you can test more often.

Step 2, if a unit makes say a break test, don't roll for the unit, roll for the individual models, 20 goblins? roll 20 tests. Some will pass, some will fail and flee.

Effect: units no longer operate as one when the going gets tough, they 'bleed' as individuals break and flee, better trained units will bleed less naturally.

Think of this in WHFB.

useful for many of the psychology tests, not all.

Fear: easily useful for fear, just testing for the models in base contact and supporting contact (i.e. anyone who will strike), perhaps a model also needing to test before being allowed to 'step up'

Terror: again useful, in place of the whole unit standing or running, some will flee, others will stay (in effect the unit 'splits', command models being among those who stay if enough stick around), or simply remove the models that flee, they run and they don't stop.

Break: very easy to use here, some flee, others remain - and in this case remove the models that flee from the table. A unit 'breaks', some run far away, some remain and continue the fight. Test for each individual model, low Ld units will break faster than others.

Panic: again easy, some models panic, others don't, again probably results in units splitting.

Leadership: not useful, continue to test on a unit by unit basis, life is too complicated otherwise.

Units splitting would be a new mechanic, for VP its easy, each new unit gets its own value, the VP for models already dead is assigned to whichever part passed the test. (or split 50/50), no mechanic to permit them to reform is needed.

Seemed a useful concept to bring in, mostly to try and bring psychology to a skirmish game where most models are just not in units.
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