Revised WH magic system

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Revised WH magic system

Postby leopard » Fri Jul 26, 2013 5:09 pm

WH Revised Magic System

Following on from the discussion about changing how miscasts work, had a think and the following is the result. Its not perfect but is just a concept.

1. The is no magic phase, no PD no DD nothing - remove all references to such.

2. Remove the current Lores, retain the names of them but ignore everything other than the name.

Now we have a blank sheet, we have characters who are mages with a stated level and stated Lores, but nothing else.

1. Add to all mages a further Lore choice "Meta", in effect magic about magic.

2. Add to all mages a "Magery skill level", this is by default 7+ Magic level. thus a Lv1 has Magery:8, Lv2 has Magery:9, Lv 3 has Magery:10 and lv 4 has magery:11.

3. All spells have four levels, 1-4, a mage can know any number of spells with a maximum level equal to their own, thus a Lv:2 mage can know any number of spells at Lv:1 or Lv:2 but cannot know any at lv:3 or Lv:4

4. to cast a spell roll 3d6, if the total is equal to or less than the total of the magery level plus the spell level the spell is cast. Thus a Lv 4 mage (Magery:11) casting a spell they know at Lv:4 needs a 15 or less on 3d6 to cast it, a Lv 1 mage (Magery: 9) casting a spell they know at Lv:1 needs a 10 or less on 3d6. note by how much they pass, e.g. that Lv 4 mage rolls a 10, they have passed by 5 This is the spells power level. Mages also add the number of wounds they have suffered to the dice - thus a wounded mage isn't as effective as a healthy one.

5. one of the Meta spells is "dispell magic", which can be used to attempt to block enemy magic any time it is cast before the spell does anything. This must be cast and passed by more than the spell managed - note dispell attempts must be declared before the casting mage rolls dice.

- thus we have a mechanic to cast, and a mechanic to counter.

6. a Mage may attempt to cast a single spell during a single player turn - thus a mage can only attempt to dispell a single spell also.

7. Spells specify when they are cast, a movement spell will generally be cast in the movement phase, a spell that does damage at range during the shooting phase and one that impacts close combat during the combat phase - to be specified in the spell description, spells may also not more than one phase they can be cast in.

8. Magical resistance works against spells being targeted at a unit/model with MR. Each level of MR reduces the spells power level by one, a spell that is reduced to zero is still cast but has no effect on the target unit. E.g. a magical vortex with a power level of 2 touches two units, one with MR2 and one with none, it impacts the unit with no MR but has no effect on the unit with MR:2. Spells that cause a physical effect do not interact with MR. E.g. MR will help against a spell that throws lightning at the target, but would not help with a spell that causes natural lightning. MR also helps with spells that cause characteristic tests, by being added to the characteristic.

- thus we have a mechanic to naturally resist magic.

10. Mages 'buy' spells, each mage gets an allowance equal to their level x10, thus a Lv:1 has 10 points of spells, a Lv:4 has 40 points of spells. each spell has a cost - spells are bought as the list is created to represent the mage spending many years learning and knowing what they know.

- thus a spell has a 'level' and a cost. e.g.

Fireball, 2pts per level, Lv:1

Thus the fireball spell is a level one spell, so any mage can learn it. and it costs 2 points from a mages allowance per level it is known at.

Explosive fireball, 4pts per level, Lv:2

A more powerful fireball spell, it is a level 2 spell so only a mage of level 2,3 or 4 can learn it, it costs 4pts per level (and can be learned at level 1, by a lv2+ mage only), presumably this spell does more damage than the basic spell.

You can have a lot of spells in the Lores, a Lv:1 mage will probably know 3-4 spells, selected by the player perhaps with one specialised one, maybe one meta spell such as Dispell at some level and perhaps one generic damage spell.

Spells could still be put on cards, there are no PD to keep track of a mage will be as powerful on any given turn so they are dependable, and you need a mage to block enemy spells - though naturally resistant models such as Dwarves are much harder to actually hurt with magic.

Its a lot closer to an RPG system, but mages are characters and this makes it possible to customise them highly.

Suggested spells for the 'meta' lore:
- Dispell
- Detect Magic (allowing detection and identification of magic items)
- Drain Magic (provides a negative to all spell casting within a radius)

Can also add a few more Lores to the book ones, and also suggested to allow access to a few of these more openly.

- Deceive (prevent an enemy unit from acting)
- Fear (subject an enemy to fear)
- Terror (subject an enemy to terror)

Lots of scope here. The concept is to make magic more reliable, but individual spells less dangerous.

Miscasts occur on a natural 3d6 roll of 17-18, a 17 causes one wound with no saves of any kind, an 18 causes 1d3 wounds with no saves of any kind. Dangerous but rare. Represents the chance of a mage injuring themselves casting but that they will generally survive (outside battle mages would probably stop casting at this point - explains how they are still around)

There is no "irresistible force" you can always try and dispell but if the enemy rolls well you will need to roll as well or better to block.

In practice, your mage simply has a list of spells, and a casting number next to each of them (the magery level and skill level). e.g.

- Fireball: 14
- Dispell: 12
- Fear: 13

Pick the spell you want and roll the dice, note the power level of the spell and resolve it, all the complexity is in list building.
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Re: Revised WH magic system

Postby Baldie » Sat Jul 27, 2013 2:20 pm

Yes that seems simple enougth mate :lol:

The Nick
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Re: Revised WH magic system

Postby The Nick » Sun Aug 04, 2013 12:27 pm

It's different and needs to have some examples to be truly judged as great or trash, but it's definitely a good idea. I like how it doesn't seem like it would be that much more effort than it is now, gets rid of super-spell nonsense, yet still seems like you can get access to power. In a way, smaller spells can function as 'bigger' spells just by putting more points in them.

I like the concept, at least.
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