War Machines

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War Machines

Postby leopard » Fri Mar 15, 2013 9:45 pm

Few thoughts.

Three types

Type One
Bolt throwers etc, shoot as a direct flat trajectory shot using the crews Ballastic Skill, these work as now, no changes needed.

Type Two
High arc & low velocity weapons such as stone throwers. Pre game nominate a target point, after deployment but before vanguard moves. That is where the machine is aimed, the shot scatters the artillery dice from this point (it always scatters, using the large or small arrow). the crews BS is subtracted from the scatter. the target point needs to be where the crew can see it. After each shot the crew can do one of two things

- leave the target point token where it is, the crew BS gains +2 for the purpose of reducing the scatter only (i.e. get more accurate on the same target point)

- move the target point up to 12" and scatter as outlined above

Type three
Flame template weapons
Flame template touches the model in its forwards arc, moves artillery dice dead ahead, this distance can be +/- models ballastic skill (similar to how warp fire throwers shoot now, but with the BS element added.

The biggy.. Cannons.

To me treat as S10 bolt throwers, if they "miss" assume the shot hit the ground and embedded, over shot or whatever. Keep the D6 wounds, go with no armour saves, also apply a -1 to Ward Saves - the "march of technology" or whatever its a nasty impact. As with bolt throwers they penetrate ranks. what I would do is give them a very narrow arc of fire, so they move during the movement phase and prevent shooting to turn more than 22.5 degrees - flexible at long range, restricting at close range. Grape shot as a fire thrower

All war machines wound the unit all hits are allocated as per other shooting - no character sniping.

Would require non bolt thrower point values to be reassessed, probably downwards to reflect the lower utility.

Its now harder to snipe monsters with stone throwers, which become good against static formations and pants against fast moving armies - which feels right, bolt throwers can "react" quickly, Cannons are dangerous but take time to aim.

Would also give stone throwers and cannons the ability to damage buildings, give them a toughness and a wounds score, but only allow specific weapons to damage them
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Re: War Machines

Postby The Nick » Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:07 am

Yeah. Nice ideas.

Anything that reduces the ability for cannons to do EVERY SINGLE ROLE. That's the weakness (the weakness of the game, not of cannons!), as a cannon can snipe characters whether they're on their own or in a unit, they can hit big units, they can shoot at anything they can see, so peeking over a big wall doesn't make you immune, they can shoot through hard cover (the only thing that stops a cannon are obstacles), and despite all this power at stopping big monsters, big cavalry, and characters, they also do a decent job at stopping hordes of infantry, usually able to hit a few men in a rank. Hit some elite infantry and you can make up your cost if you get an extra round or two of shooting with your big cannon.

My alternative solution was to make everything count as obstacles, with woods being obstacles that have a number of wounds and are removed after suffering all their wounds (with bonus damage from flaming weapons!), while anything that rises (hills, ledges, etc.) also count as obstacles.

Either way, the problem is cannon doing everything and I like your stone thrower vs. cannon dichotomy.
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Re: War Machines

Postby subversive » Fri Apr 26, 2013 10:20 pm

Yep - that's the biggest thing: if you're given the option for cannon, stone thrower or bolt thrower at their usual points cost, cannons are the no-brainer choice. That may change with the new HE book, as rumors suggest a significant drop in points, but that remains to be seen. Even at a massive points hike though, most people would rather take a couple of cannons simply because they're better all around.

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Re: War Machines

Postby BigBoss89 » Thu Nov 27, 2014 5:56 pm

Thought I'd give my take on the Warmachine debate :)


Range: 12"-48"
Strength: 10/(5)

Great Cannon

Range: 12"-60"
Strength: 10/(5)

Cannons (as well as Great Cannons) have a Direct Hit! value (to the left) and a Bounce value (to the right).

Direct Hit!: Multiple Wounds (D6) and Killing Blow special rule.

Bounce: Multiple Wounds (D3) and Killing Blow special rule.


Earthpiercer Ball: The bounce of the cannon adds D6" to the result.

Black Powder Round: The Cannon does not roll to Bounce. Instead place the small round template
where the cannonball initially lands. The model beneath the center hole suffers a S10 hit with the Multiple Wounds (D6)
and all other models suffer S3 hits. All these hits have the Flaming Attacks special rule.


Bolt Thower

Range: 6"-36"
Strength: 6/(4)

Bolt Thowers have a Single Shot (left value) and a Volley Shot (right value) that follow the following rules:

Single Shot: Penetrates Ranks (without penalties to Strength value), Multiple Wounds (D3) and Killing Blow.

Volley Shot: Multiple Shots (2D6) and Armour Piercing special rule.


Single Shot

Titanbane Shard: When shooting at a model with the Large Target special rule, treat this shot as Multiple Wounds (3) instead.

Stoneguard Bolt: When you successfully roll To Hit with the initial shot, before rolling To Wound, this shot inflicts D6 S3 Impact Hits.
After these Impact Hits are resolved continue to roll To Wound with the bolt thrower.

Volley Shot

Hailstorm Round: Roll 3D6 and discard the lowest result when calculating the shots from the Multiple Shots special rule.

Eagle Eye Bolt: Gains +1 To Hit against models with the Fly or Flying Cavalry special rule.


Stone Thrower

Range: 8"-48"
Strength: 8/(3)

Small Round Template, Strength 8 Multiple Wounds (D6) (under the center of the hole only) and Strength 3 over the
rest of the template.


Ironore Boulder: May re-roll the Multiple Wounds result.

Pyroclasm Charge: Flaming Attacks and Panic test if one or more wounds are caused.


That's my take. :)

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