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Painting/Game advice

Postby kubermann » Thu Nov 16, 2017 3:33 pm

Hi there!
I’m here with few problems both regarding painting/assembly and practice.

I've been thinking to get back to painting Warhammer 40k miniatures (I have one of the last few sets of Assault on Black Reach bought ages ago ... lack_Reach), though I can't decide on colour scheme and the names for my own Space Marines Chapter. I've attached some potential colour schemes made in Bolter and Chainsword painter and I'd like some opinions and advice. I want to create a brand-new Chapter, with most either Ultramarines or Blood Angels (or a mixed origin if not too heretical :D) as a founding Chapter. I want my Chapter to stand out (but not too much!) and be more colourful with my own colours.

YES, I am aware it’s time consuming and difficult, but I feel like challenging myself and don’t rush in without a plan!
YES, I am aware of “colour wheel” sort of things. Just looking for advice on colours, I’ll match them one way or another if necessary!

Potential Names: Fury of the Imperium/Death Walkers/Immortals

Painting versions: (Mks. 11-5 and 3 are at this point most likely candidates to being chosen, but opinions/suggestions welcome) Mks 6, 7, 8, 10 and 11 are using Bolter and Chainsword’s “Fiery Orange” while 11’s right side is “Blazing Orange” as one opinion said this blue would go nicely with red-ish colour
And colours: (comes with ORK colours options for my ORKs collection – suggestions welcome) Also what undercoat would work for the colours? I have Chaos Black but maybe something else?

1. Which way is better way of dealing with miniatures?
- Assembling the miniatures and then undercoating them and painting them when assembled?
- Assembling them partially (head, legs and torso) and undercoating and painting them while partially assembled and assemble and paint the rest?
- Or undercoat and paint them after they’ve been cut out from the plastic frames and then assemble?
The forums are not clear anywhere, so I’m asking for as many opinions as I can at this point.
2. Is it important to use Purity Seal on the finished miniatures or better to use ‘Ardcoat or maybe nothing at all?
3. And lastly, how to remove the old paint from figures to avoid damaging them? Would that also remove the undercoat or leave it be?

I'm looking for something to practice my skills with tabletop game and I was wondering are there any apps/programs/websites that can mirror the tabletop game on PC or iPhone against the AI or some live users? I'm looking for that kind of solution given that I'm quite busy with my personal life so it's very rare to me to sacrifice an hour/two to drop by the store to play and even then, there are few people to play with (small store). I've heard about the Tabletop Simulator or Vassal, but from what I understood, they must be modded to play Warhammer 40k and even then, it's rather crude-ish.
Few things to keep in mind though:
Access to codexes/codices is no problem and I got some figures of my own, The problem is, I just need someone(-thing) to walk me through the game and explain “why this rule is there and how to work around”. Explanation of how the invulnerable saves works, special abilities and so on. You can’t learn that on your own, and the mistakes you’ll make and learn will be hard to get rid of. Assembling an army, ain’t a problem. Problem is to understand them all rules and stats, given I hardly have time to go to the store. I’m asking for the solution since I want to learn the rules properly, through and through before I go doing it on my own, to avoid making and consolidate any (potentially simple) mistakes
Any help?

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