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by nick garai
Mon Oct 23, 2017 4:35 am
Forum: Warhammer 40.000
Topic: Eldar Base Sizes
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Eldar Base Sizes

I am just getting into 40K. I am planning on buying some bases from Dragonforge for an army I am putting together. My army consists of the following for 8th edition: 30 Wraithguard 2 Wraithlord 1 Farseer I would like to know what size the base is for the Wraithguard, Wraithlord and Farseer. I am get...
by nick garai
Sat Jul 23, 2016 8:47 pm
Forum: Warhammer 40.000
Topic: Wraithguard warp cannon
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Wraithguard warp cannon

Does anyone know if the Wraithguard warp cannon still automatically kills a target without the target getting a save? Is there any unit in 40k that gets a save against the Wraithguard gun? Is there any exceptions to this rule?

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